Thursday, September 07, 2017

De Lotuseters

De Lotuseters
Het Rode Ei
Sloow Tapes – CS 40

Trio of Joris De Rycke (Bokrijk), Eva Van Deuren (Orphan Fairytale) and Bart De Paepe (Ilta Hämärä) exploring ancient folkloric themes often linked to agricultural pace and the plant world on neither side of the space/time continuum. Sweet perfume scents echoing from the emerald woods of Stekene. Artwork by Joris De Rycke. Edition of 70 copies.

Somewhere in 2017 Joris De Rycke, Eva Van Deuren en Bart De Paepe got together to make music in the latter’s home in Stekene, a village in the Flemish countryside. The three experienced musicians took off to the sky immediately on something between Incredible String Band’s magic carpet and early Hawkwind’s ramshackle spacecraft. The session was recorded, cut up into several tracks and released on Bart De Paepe’s Sloow Tapes later that year. Band member Joris De Rycke took care of the artwork for this very enjoyable psychedelic release. (Sea urchin)